Friday, May 31, 2024

Postcrossing and Mail Art

Marilynn Rudi talks about Postcrossing and mail art

At our meeting this week, Marilynn Rudi gave a lovely presentation about her involvement with the Postcrossing project and how, for her, that has extended into the realm of other paper arts like mail art and collage. She explained how she got involved and how it all works and probably sparked some interest in a few of our members! Postcrossing is free and open to anyone who enjoys sending and receiving mail.

Marilynn joined Postcrossing a couple of years ago and has sent and received over 200 postcards. She has received postcards from about 40 countries. Also, Marilynn has since become further involved with other mail exchanges that include elaborate mail art featuring collage, hand lettering, painting, and other elements. Many examples of her postcards and mail art were on hand for members to admire. Thank you, Marilynn, for sharing with us!

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